Epoch Medical Innovations is an early stage company, formed in 2009. The company began by creating a fluid compression sleeve for treating deep vein thrombosis. The fundamental sensing and fluid management technology from this development was used to apply for and receive a Life Sciences Discovery Fund grant in 2013. This work demonstrated the feasibility of an automated
fluid bladder system for use in prosthetics to manage
limb health and stability.  

Epoch has filed domestic and international patents and
is continuing the evolution of the adaptive socket interface
system for prosthetics. Related product family evolution is
planned to offer added comfort and limb health to the broader market.

It is the mission of Epoch Medical to develop mobility-enhancing intelligent control and actuation products that conform and adapt to the user. Our business model is to focus on relevant industry problems that have market potential and seek OEM relationships who are looking for product suite enhancements. Our approach is to capture, develop and demonstrate relevant IP with highly functional working prototypes, then facilitate technology transfer to OEM partners.

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