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Epoch Medical Innovations is an early stage company, formed in 2009. The company began by creating a fluid compression sleeve for treating deep vein thrombosis. The fundamental sensing and fluid management technology from this development was used to apply for and receive a Life Sciences Discovery Fund grant in 2013. This work demonstrated the feasibility of an automated
fluid bladder system for use in prosthetics to manage limb health and stability.  

Epoch was granted US patent #10357382B2  (Adaptive compression prosthetic socket system and method) on July 23, 2019 related to the automated limb volume management system. Three generations of prototypes were built and evaluated with positive user feedback for the concept. The consideration of a production automated system was paused in 2018 to allow market and business conditions to support a production development through certification.

Subsequently, it was recognized that a strong need remained for a better solution to enable individuals to manage their own limb health than the use of sock plies. The LimbAir™ Adjustable Socket Interface System was developed as an improvement to expired prior art related to manual pneumatic inflation systems. Although a departure from the automated system, the focus of the LimbAir™ project was to realize a simple, cost-effective and reliable socket interface system that allows the user to adjust their socket fit discretely with the socket donned. Furthermore, by making it easy to reduce and add pressure, the user can maximize their time at low pressure to facilitate limb volume recovery when not active. Additional details can be found on the LimbAir™ product page.


Management Team


We have considerable experience in engineering complex sensing products based on our technical staff’s aerospace and guidance systems experience. Additionally, the team includes extensive medical device experience in product management, marketing communications, and sales channel development in the O&P market space.  

Michael has over 30 years experience in advanced product development, including aircraft systems integration (Boeing), weapons systems development (General Dynamics), advanced electrical systems diagnostics (Astronics), sensors and sub-systems.  


He has held various leadership positions in program/project management and business development.  His skill-set has allowed him to see projects through from conception to successful production implementation. Michael holds a BSME degree, University of Washington, and has owned and operated several successful business ventures. He is a passionate entrepreneur & inventor.  

Gary has a 25+ year career in design, development and engineering leadership spanning nuclear power and inertial guidance to his most recent role as Director of Engineering for a major aerospace company.

Past experience from companies such as GE, AlliedSignal, Honeywell and TransDigm has provided a healthy perspective on effective business processes, technical leadership and structured development within regulated industries. Gary holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University (BSME from UW). He completed GE's Technical Leadership program, as well as became a certified Six Sigma Blackbelt while at Honeywell.

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